The best African boubou: quality, style, comfort and commitments

To offer you the best African boubou, my creations meet the founding principles that constitute my charter of commitments.

The quality of Handmade

First, I assure you the guarantee of a handmade manufacture. Each of my models is characterized by a neat cut, sought-after patterns and the elegance of the fabric. Then comes the sewing work inherited from a traditional know-how. This quality research is the fruit of a daily dialogue with you and is the basis of my creative activity. Including use of exclusive materials, search for style and comfort, and care of the finishes neat.

Comfort and style

Boubou is a loose garment, naturally suitable for all sizes. But I want to go beyond comfort. Indeed, you have to be well in a boubou and the best African boubou must also be beautiful and have style. But the style is not only about color and cut. Style is the translation of your needs. Also, I share a lot with each client and each client about their needs and desires. From these exchanges arise styles adapted to each personality and to each size.

Boubous to last

My boubous are designed to last. Thus, from the choice of fabrics, to the sewing of finishes, I pay a special attention to work well done, guarantee of quality over time.

Limited edition manufacturing

All my boubous are unique pieces or very limited series of a few pieces at most. Moreover, the entire manufacturing process is artisanal!

A relationship of trust

Human contact is essential in my eyes. Thus, I pay the greatest attention to your requests and your suggestions. I firmly believe that constructive and lasting relationships are based on mutual trust. This relationship of trust is also the one that binds me to my partners: artisans, traders and dressmakers with whom I work in Togo. I keep my promises and I strive to do my utmost to advise you and meet your expectations.

An excellent quality / price ratio

The prices of my products are established to the fair to offer you the best quality / price ratio. These awards obviously include the equitable and sustainable remuneration of the women and men with whom I work in Togo. This quality / price ratio is the guarantee of the trust you place in my work.

An expedition under 24 / 48H

I generally guarantee the sending of my parcels under 24 / 48H with the services of La Poste. Then you have to rely on standard transit times for a reception at your home.

An online shopping experience and encounters in physics

For the best possible shopping experience, I implemented the online store, accessible simply from any Internet access equipment (pc, tablet, smartphone …). All transactions are secured (SSL certificate, Paypal and Pauyplug payment methods). From fast order online, in peace, to discovery in real life, in physics, there is only one step. If you follow me on social networks, you will probably have the opportunity to find me in markets, shops or exhibitions of creators I regularly attend. And if you spend on Bordeaux do not hesitate to contact me, I will be delighted to meet you and make you discover my creations!

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