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So Boubou, the brand of African boubou

So Boubou is a designer boutique where everything is a matter of passion and love of things well done!

Here, everything is handmade. At the heart of creations SoBoubou there is

- Fabrics Wax, batik, bazin, kente, bogolan ... of quality

- The search for colors, patterns and volumes for maximum comfort, elegance and originality

- The work of finishes that make the difference between serial productions and unique creations or limited editions ...

Boubous are timeless, they illustrate the traditional know-how and the African fabrics. But So Boubou likes to modernize them, reinvent them and create elegant and relaxed silhouettes for all women and for all men!

So Boubou clothes are meant to last and to stand the test of time. Prices are set to the fairest. Finally, customer satisfaction takes precedence over the rest. It's not marketing, it's in the DNA of the brand!

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